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Lens Design Examples

SMA thrives on sophisticated image capture and recording systems. Whether the imaging is in the Near IR and requires the use of a night vision tube, involves photo duplication in the UV, or requires select bands of the visible spectrum SMA has already been there.


While we have designed a wide variety of strictly glass element lens assemblies, we have also developed exceptionally high levels of expertise in designing and assembling hybrid polymer/glass optical lenses, gaining the performance and cost benefits that only intelligent combinations can afford. Moisture sensitivity is no longer an issue with polymer lens elements, and while temperature must still be considered, methods of passively athermalizing critical applications have been devised.

The benefits of precision molded aspheric lens elements are amazing when judiciously employed. At SMA we work closely with our preferred optical molding partner to ensure that everything from materials to gating to mold flow is considered during the early design cycle.

Lens Applications
Lens Types
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