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Arthroscopic Surgery Lens

Many current forms of surgery are being accomplished with minimal incisions, and with minimal impact on tissue surrounding the surgical site.  In order to accomplish this in the past, endoscopes, an optical device that relays an image through a long, sometimes flexible tube to an external camera, were generally used.  More recently, CMOS camera chips have become so reduced in size and cost that they can be inserted directly into the incision, and only the electronic connections need be routed back to a display device.  This has enabled a new variety of optics, capable of being immersed in saline solution, and imaging the surgical site in full color to the surgeon.  CMOS cameras with 1mm square active areas are available now, and are priced at the point at which they can, for some procedures, be considered a consumable.


SMA has designed an aspheric, all-plastic lens design compatible with such sensors.  Our lens measures only 1.5mm in overall length, has an outer barrel diameter of approximately 1mm, and provides an F/4 aperture with a low-distortion (<2%), 72 degree field of view.


Additionally, SMA is able to provide LED illumination to illuminate the field of view provided by the lens via LEDs immediately adjacent to the camera.

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