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Camera Lenses

The viability of your project depends on more than a good lens design.  SMA understands this, and brings solid illumination design, mechanical design, and electrical design elements into play as required.  We have the ability to incorporate precision motion control with turn-key actuation circuitry when needed.  We can include illumination with appropriate color rendering index (CRI), correlated color temperature (CCT), and uniformity as required.

At SMA, your goals are our goals!

SMA has developed a great deal of experience in camera lens design.  People at SMA developed their lens design skills while working at Eastman Kodak Company, using OSLO, Code V, and Zemax lens design software.  We have acquired the understanding of how to design effectively in glass and plastic, and sometimes combining these materials in a hybrid lens.  These decisions relating to materials and processes are dependent not only on performance measures, but on manufacturing volumes and precisions required for the task. 

Our lenses have incorporated precision diamond-turned elements, molded plastic, ground and polished glass, as well as molded glass aspheric elements.  We have sufficient experience in manufacturing to recognize when molded element shapes are likely to create problems with mold flow, knit lines, and birefringence.  All of our lens designs include a tolerance analysis phase to ensure that our designs are manufacturable, and that our mounting of elements and cells will provide adequate precision to assure functionality at an acceptable cost.

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