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Instrumentation Lensing

Occasionally it is necessary to design a lens assembly that is not an imaging lens assembly. It may be part of a condenser in a microscope illumination system or projector that a manufacturer has discontinued. Often this is precipitated by the discontinuation or change of glasses in the lens assembly. In such cases, if SMA can acquire a sample of the discontinued or altered lens assembly, we are often able to design a drop-in replacement lens assembly using current glasses.

Such is the case in the lenses shown to the right. The Nikon condenser lens on the left was replaced by Nikon with a new condenser using different glasses. Unfortunately the new condenser did not have the same spectral transmission as the original. SMA was able to design the drop-in replacement shown on the right with current glasses having spectral transmission sufficiently close to the original that only minor recalibration of the device was required.

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