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Illumination Project Examples

LEDs are creating new lighting opportunities all over the world. Whether your application is biomedical fluorescence, defense lighting, or robust emergency lighting, SMA has the experience to make your application a success. We simulate using ray tracing files containing angular, spatial and spectral radiance data – data that IES files alone can’t provide.


Our experience spans architectural LED lighting design, portable LED lighting banks, LED flashlight development, LED fluorescence microscopy, LED Missile Launch Simulators, LED Aircraft Landing Marker Lights, LED Lighted Logos, and LED-based fluorescence diagnostics.


We have successfully demonstrated LED illumination continuously adjustable from 2000K to 8000K, completely dimmable, and maintaining a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of over 90% throughout these adjustments.


We have also designed and built LED illuminators capable of over 100,000 Ft-C irradiance!


What is your LED lighting challenge?  Give us a call to discuss.

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