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Extreme Backlight

Okay, not all clients know how to make measurements and provide proper specifications.  Despite our warnings, one client insisted that he needed 100,000 Ft-C of illumination.  We provided it – complete with soft start, and dimming capability, proper CRI and CCT.  We even fit it in his required volume – complete with the necessary monster heat sink to keep the LEDs at their optimum temperature.  It was BRIGHT to say the least!

At SMA we understand the critical nature of lighting, including illuminance uniformity and spectral content. We utilize this understanding, in combination with our innovative approach to illumination optics, to develop lighting systems. At SMA, we target our development for specific manufacturing technologies in order to ensure that cost and performance are optimized.

An important aspect of high brightness LED lighting is the thermal management of the LED junction. SMA has the capability of analyzing the heat load and designing an appropriate heatsink arrangement to dissipate the thermal energy.

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