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LED Light Collection

SMA has a long history of defining high-efficiency illumination systems, punctuated by patents. We have been designing high brightness, high efficiency LED light collection systems for nearly 2 decades!  Often, the starting point is an aggressive collection system with sufficient aperture to collect the light emitted from what is essentially a Lambertian emitter.  This usually takes the form of either a conic reflective surface, a complex TIR/refractive component, or an aspheric refractive lens.


There is no single collector that works well for all LEDs since LEDs vary in size and shape, and the application often defines the requirements of the collector.  However, SMA has delivered designs for all the varieties of LED collectors listed above, and for many of the leading high output LED manufacturers: Lumiled, Osram, Luminus, Cree, LEDEngine, Nichia, Dominant, Marubeni.  We have also designed systems for smaller LEDs such as those from Kingbright, Seoul Semi, and Roithner.


Usually, these collectors are injection molded components.  However we are able to supply custom aspheric glass collimators at a very reasonable cost as well.  Examples of glass aspheres are shown at the right.

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