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What We Offer


SMA Optical Technologies possesses an important array of capabilities to enable the critical analysis and design of optical systems, as well as rapid prototypes of them. We provide:

• Critical design and evaluation of imaging systems
• Analysis and design of illumination systems
• Opto-mechanical design of precision mounts

• Support through relationships with proven manufacturing partners in the following areas:

  • Diamond turning of metal and plastic aspheres

  • Machining of precision mechanical parts

  • Grinding and polishing of spherical glass

  • Molding of plastic components (lenses & structural)

Development Experience


Whether you are in need of ultra low-light imaging, critical illumination, diffraction-limited imaging systems, LED implementation, or breakthrough acoustic imaging systems, you’ll find our capabilities up to the challenge.

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LED & Thermal Sources

Project Examples


Digital Imaging and Projection

Wide Angle Imaging

Fiber Optic Illumination

LED Illumination

Fluorescence Detection

Architectural Lighting

Road Sign Lighting

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