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We can help you achieve your goals

SMA Optical Technologies is your strategic partner, helping you to achieve your optical system performance goals. SMA offers you an experienced design team capable of addressing any light control, illumination, or optical imaging requirement. Our modeling and simulation capabilities enable you to confirm the performance of your system before you commit to fabrication.

We offer expert support in imaging lens design and engineering, illumination design and engineering, LED and thermal sources, rapid optical prototyping, opto-mechanical design, and connections to experienced optical molding.

From concept to reality, SMA is your best choice.

Development Experience

Whether you are in need of ultra low-light imaging, critical illumination, diffraction-limited imaging systems, LED implementation, or breakthrough acoustic imaging systems, you’ll find our capabilities up to the challenge.

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LED & Thermal Sources

Project Examples


Digital Imaging and Projection

Wide Angle Imaging

Fiber Optic Illumination

LED Illumination

Fluorescence Detection

Architectural Lighting

Road Sign Lighting

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LED Lightpipe


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